Friday, 10 June 2016

What if India doesn't make it to Nuclear Suppliers Group

With almost all countries backing India for its entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group – NSG, China doesn’t seem to be softening their stands on India's entry in NSG. China has more than enough reason to oppose India from entering the NSG group. China’s dream of remaining the soul super power of Asia is not going to last long since sooner or Later India will make it to the NSG. We are after all worlds’ second largest populated country and a booming economy with a growth rate of 7.20 percent. The demand for energy to meet the manufacturing and expanding infrastructure is just going to increase and countries like America, Russia, France and Japan only sees India as a hot cake to invest and make the most of the developing nation. For every nation that is going to back India to the NSG in the meeting that is held in Vianna would be a win win situation, their support will only make both nations strong not only diplomatically but also economically. With China opposing India’s entry to NSG I am sure you would have enough and more question pertaining to what would happen next, Will this mean the end for India ?
Here is my analysis and facts on how India can and will still continue to prosper and meet all its requirement.
Not being able to convince China would definitely be considered as the biggest diplomatic failure for India but as we all know China has a lot many selfish reasons to oppose us from entering the elite club. Not entering to NGS would be heart breaking for those billion Indian’s who were extremely exultant about the recent development courtesy Narendra Modi. But at the same time it will open up opportunities for us to enter into Thorium based faster breeder reactor. In recent years, India has shown increased interest in thorium fuels and fuel cycles because of large deposits of thorium. Though thorium is not as effective as uranium and requires more money to get the fruit out of it we will still be in the game. It is estimated that India has huge deposits of thorium which could be approximately 846,000 tones. The Chennai shores has the finest quality of thorium content in it.
Every technology that’s denied by super powers have been molded and moduled as per our requirement. India has built technologies on its own in the past, for example the navigation satellite, the cryogenic rocket engine and so on. Indian scientist could be disheartened to an extend but India will move on and move on towards Thorium reactor research. Let’s not forget, India is apparently the only county which has largest natural Thorium reserve in the world and developing our thorium reactors would easily mean we start exporting more thorium based reactors and technologies to the rest of the world. The amount of uranium available to use for the NSG countries is 5,902,500 tones however the amount of thorium available is 6,355,000 tones and remember India is the only county which has largest natural Thorium reserve in the world.

“Don't beg uranium, Work on Thorium” were the words said by The father of Indian nuclear programme Sri Homi Jehangir Bhabha and the missile man of India our beloved Abdul Kalam. The world would not end for India if denied entry to NGS, This would only make us strong and more innovative in the field of using thorium and become the masters of using thorium effectively and provide a alternate and effective source of energy to the world. 

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